This week’s roundup takes a look at apartment occupancy and rent growth, New York City multifamily inventory trends and renter cost burdens. First, MBA reports that U.S. multifamily rent growth and occupancy were strong in the third quarter of 2019, with occupancy climbing to 96.3%. Next, NPR explores the increasing popularity of single-family rentals and the types of renters who are interested in the property type. Arbor’s Chatter blog breaks down the apartment inventory of New York City’s five boroughs, including the age and distribution of small and large buildings. Then, Apartment List reveals the results of its 2019 Cost Burden Report, which found that the share of renters who are cost-burdened increased from 49.5% in 2017 to 49.7% in 2018, representing the first time the national cost burden rate has increased since 2014. Finally, Millionacres explains how to find viable real estate investments regardless of where we are in the market cycle.

Apartment Occupancy, Rents Rise

MBA – October 8

“New household formation continues, and rentals are capturing a sizable share of the resulting housing demand. At the same time, loss of existing renters to home purchase remains limited relative to historical levels.”

Renters Only: These New Homes Aren’t For Sale

NPR – October 7

“In the past year, developers around the country built more than 40,000 homes as single-family rentals, the National Association of Realtors says.”

Small Multifamily Inventory Growing Fastest in New York City’s Outer Boroughs

Arbor Chatter – October 8

“New York City’s small multifamily inventory mostly consists of older, pre-war buildings, while large apartment buildings tend to be newer.”

2019 Cost Burden Report: Half of Renter Households Struggle With Affordability

Apartment List – October 9

“Although the rate is still well below its 2011 peak, that improvement has been primarily driven by compositional changes in the rental market, namely, an influx of high-income renter households.”

Understanding Real Estate Cycles to Find Profitable Investments in Any Market

Millionacres – October 7

“Understanding how our economy works on a macro and micro level means you can identify potential triggers, make informed decisions to increase profitability and mitigate risk, while still finding profitable investments regardless of where we are in the market cycle.”