This week’s roundup highlights the Boston multifamily market, rent-burdened households and what to expect for the real estate market in 2020. First, Arbor’s Chatter blog takes a look at the performance of Boston’s apartment sector, noting that a healthy labor market and new high-end neighborhoods are contributing to strong multifamily fundamentals. Next, First American examines why the share of rent-burdened households has declined over the last few years, with one factor being improvements in household incomes. Another Chatter blog discusses how skilled nursing facilities can prepare for agency surveys and onsite inspections, as passing these tests impact the property’s reputation and ability to secure financing. Then, Deloitte reveals its predictions for the real estate industry this year, noting that the new decade brings its own challenges and opportunities for investors. Finally, RealPage observes the Phoenix market’s emergence as a top multifamily market for annual rent growth, with the metro seeing a 7.7% increase in January.  

Boston Small Multifamily Market Update

Arbor Chatter – March 6 

“Boston’s strong labor market and new lifestyle amenities are translating into greater success for the metro’s small multifamily sector.”

Why the Share of Rent-Burdened Households Has Declined in the Post-Recession Era

First American – March 2

“In contrast to the decade between 2000 and 2010, rising renter household income, combined with a steady supply of new multi-family homes, has outpaced rent growth in the last decade, causing a modest decline in the share of rent-burdened U.S. households.”

How to Prepare for Skilled Nursing Facility Surveys

Arbor Chatter – March 3

“Operators need to prepare for skilled nursing facility surveys, which will help them obtain financing.”

Expectations and Market Realities in Real Estate for 2020

Deloitte – March 2

“As we enter a new decade, will the outlook for the commercial real estate (CRE) market be more positive than in years past? Learn how economic growth, low unemployment, and declining interest rates will affect CRE investors in 2020.”

Phoenix Commands Nation’s Strongest Rent Growth

RealPage – February 28

“After suffering some of the steepest rent cuts nationally during the financial crisis, Phoenix has recovered well, and now commands a drastic lead in pricing performance among the nation’s biggest markets.”