This week’s news provides continued evidence of the strength of both the multifamily and single-family rental (SFR) sectors, even with the ongoing COVID-19 realities. Although longer-term effects of the pandemic will affect real estate choices, Nareit predicts a healthy demand for apartments and SFRs. Real Capital Analytics forecasts that even with the pandemic, prices for many of the highest quality assets will not decline to bargain deals. RealPage reports that affordability and a predictable demand have made low-rise properties a top performer in today’s environment. Apartment List’s November 2020 rent report indicates rental decreases over the past month were consistent with seasonal declines in past years and noted regional variations. Finally, RENTCafé provides insights into Gen Z’s preference for technology in their rental experiences.

Post-pandemic Demand for Apartments and Single Family Rentals Looks Robust

Nareit – October 26

“WFH requires more space to work, separate from sleeping and eating areas, especially if the worker is in shared rental housing or has children at home. This may increase the demand for larger rental units.”

Not Every Property Seller Is a Loser in the Covid Era

Real Capital Analytics – October 29

“The economic disruptions from Covid-19 have not translated through to distressed asset sales in many cases as current owners are not forced to sell as they were in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis.”

Low-Rise Apartments Outperform Amid COVID-19 Uncertainty

RealPage – October 26

“Across the nation, low-rise properties with three or fewer stories are outperforming mid- and high-rise apartments for both rent growth and occupancy. Even more impressively, that trend carries through each of the nation’s large markets.”

Apartment List National Rent Report

Apartment List – October 28

“In October, our national rent index fell by 0.4% month-over-month. Unlike the declines that we witnessed earlier this year during the initial stages of the pandemic, the dip that is occurring now is in line with normal seasonality in the market.”

Generation Z: Most Techy, Research-Focused, Instagram-Loving Generation of Renters

RENTCafé – October 30

“Already a growing share of today’s renters, the little-known Gen Z’s accounted for 19% of respondents in a recent survey on about renting preferences.”