This week’s news continues to show the strength of the multifamily and single-family rental (SFR) sectors. In the first article, Real Capital Analytics adds perspective to the daily headlines of COVID-19 CRE challenges, by pointing out that apartment prices grew 0.6% in September from August and rose 6.7% year-over-year. CoreLogic notes that at the end of summer, single-family rental (SFR) rent growth registered above 2% year-over-year. National Real Estate Investor highlights a RentCafé report, identifying where millennials are relocating, ranked by apartment rental applications. Commercial Property Executive discusses how COVID-19 has encouraged several CRE trends, which were already underway prior to the pandemic. Finally, John Burns Real Estate Consulting analyzes current housing migration patterns.

U.S. Retail, Office Prices Drop as Apartment, Industrial Gain

Real Capital Analytics – October 22

“The multifamily price index has slowed from the double-digit pace seen earlier this year, but deal activity has fared better during the pandemic than most of the other property sectors.”

Single-Family Rent Growth Strengthened for Second Consecutive Month in August

CoreLogic – October 20

“Among the 20 metro areas shown, Phoenix had the highest year-over-year rent growth this August as it has since late 2018, with an increase of 5.8%, followed by Tucson (+4.8%) and Charlotte (+4%).”

15 U.S. Cities Most Popular with Millennial Renters

National Real Estate Investor – October 22

“Commercial real estate professionals are keeping close tabs on where millennials prefer to live, especially as a large portion of them continues to rent rather than own their homes.”

Pandemic Accelerates, Rather Than Starts, CRE Trends

Commercial Property Executive – October 20

“Among the trends the pandemic has impacted include the use of offices, movement to suburbs and secondary markets, the digitalization of the economy and media, affordable housing and the government’s support for solutions.”

The Great American Move Accelerates

John Burns Real Estate Consulting – October 16

“Never before have space and location been more important. The housing industry continues to benefit from The Great American Move.”