This week’s industry news pieces feature information on the GSEs green incentives and small apartment buildings’ importance to urban workforce housing. First, Multifamily Executive states that green financing programs are picking up the pace in multifamily lending as the GSEs have made their programs more streamlined. Then, RealPage reports that Class C apartments have gained ground in the current economic cycle. Arbor Chatter explores why small apartment buildings are necessary in maintaining workforce housing options and the economic dynamism of cities. Next, Mortgage Bankers Association asserts that the nation’s largest markets are experiencing greater jumps in annual rent growth compared to last year. Finally, Urban Land Magazine analyzes how cities are changing the way they handle parking at multifamily properties.

GSEs’ Green Incentives Show Multifamily’s Shift Toward Wellness

Multifamily Executive – July 2, 2018

“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have continually updated their green-financing incentives and guidelines to make the programs more streamlined and enticing to new borrowers.”

Occupancy Gains Largest Among Class C Apartments in Current Cycle

RealPage – July 2, 2018

“While performance in the nation’s Class C apartment product has historically lagged the U.S. norm, this lower grade of stock has gained significant ground during the current economic cycle.”

Small Apartment Buildings Vital for Urban Workforce Housing

Arbor Chatter – July 6, 2018

“Household income data underscores the importance of small apartment buildings in maintaining workforce housing options, and thereby, the economic dynamism of cities.”

Rents Appreciate at Faster Rate in 3/4 of Nation’s Largest Markets

Mortgage Bankers Association – July 2, 2018

“Pittsburgh, Detroit and Houston reported the greatest jumps in annual rent growth compared to last year.”

Toward Zero Parking: Challenging Conventional Wisdom for Multifamily

Urban Land Magazine – July 2, 2018

“The days when multifamily housing developers must provide individual parking spaces are numbered.”