This week’s articles provide an update as the multifamily industry continues to emerge from the challenges of COVID-19. Arbor’s exceptional performance with record earnings and increased dividends caught the attention of Nareit. In the first article, the professional association for real estate investment trusts highlights Arbor’s success and strategies. In the next two articles, I was interviewed by Yahoo! Finance and CNN. We discuss future trends in commercial real estate, considering COVID-19 and thinking beyond the pandemic. The fourth article contains Arbor’s exclusive and propriety research, analyzing the effects of prior presidential elections on multifamily pricing. Finally, in a Multi-Housing News article, Freddie Mac’s vice president of research and modeling provides his views on the state of the economy and the apartment sector.

Multifamily Loan Originator Arbor Realty Trust Seeing Strongest Earnings Ever

NREI – October 1

“After a 10-year bull run, Arbor was already preparing for a recession ahead of the pandemic, Kaufman explained. That prior planning enabled Arbor to increase its dividend during the crisis.”

Urban Areas Are ‘The Biggest Concern’ in the Real Estate Recovery, Here’s Why Young People May Save It

Yahoo! Finance – September 21

“Ivan Kaufman, Arbor Realty Trust CEO, joins Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozzi to discuss the road to recovery for the real estate industry, what categories are ‘winning’ during this time, arising trends, and much more.”

Commercial Real Estate Flounders as Housing Market Booms

CNN – September 22

“The complete elimination of offices is not happening. Many companies realize they still need them even though demand may be softer,” Kaufman said. “It’s not all doom and gloom. It’s an adjustment.”

Comparing 2020 Multifamily Prices to Prior Election Seasons

Arbor Chatter – October 1

“As a follow up to our recent Chatter blog piece, highlighting lower returns and increased volatility for public equities near U.S. presidential elections, this article narrows in on multifamily asset prices.”

The Multifamily Mystery: Q&A With Freddie Mac’s Steve Guggenmos

Multi-Housing News – October 2

“The GSE’s vice president of research and modeling talks about the macroeconomy, COVID-19 and where the rental sector is heading.”