This week’s multifamily roundup takes a look at housing affordability, the top metros attracting Millennials and how to implement value-add strategies. First, Mortgage Bankers Association reveals that multifamily is this year’s most favored investment opportunity, according to a recent survey from Deloitte and Situs RERC. Next, Brookings analyzes the factors causing affordability challenges for middle-income families, including commuting and access to homeownership. Arbor’s Chatter blog examines the cities seeing the most in-migration of Millennials that are moving from other states. Then, NREI discusses the strategies investors looking to reposition their properties should implement in order to keep apartments affordable, including modestly increasing rents while making necessary repairs. Finally, Redfin observes the cities with the highest net inflow and outflow, according to more than 1 million user searches.

Multifamily Most Favored Property Type

MBA – May 10

“Just over one-third of respondents said they believe multifamily assets would offer the most favorable investment opportunity in 2019.”

Cost, Crowding, or Commuting? Housing Stress on the Middle Class

Brookings – May 7

“While housing affordability has long been a problem for low-income families, middle-income families are increasingly facing affordability challenges, especially in urban areas with strong labor markets.”

Top Markets Attracting Millennial Renters from Other States

Arbor Chatter – May 7

“The top metros attracting Millennial renters from other states are typically medium-sized with relatively fast-growing economies.”

How to Implement Value-Add Strategies at Apartment Buildings Without Making Them Too Expensive

NREI – May 7

“When value-add investors renovate an older apartment building, they should plan to charge rents that are considerably lower than the cost to live in a brand-new building.”

Redfin Migration Report: Phoenix is the Top Destination

Redfin – May 6

“Net inflow for Phoenix hit 7,949—the highest net inflow on record not only for Phoenix, but for any metro area to date since Redfin began reporting net migration data in early 2017.”