This week’s roundup highlights several perspectives on the coronavirus (COVID-19), including potential economic and labor market impacts, how to communicate with residents, and multifamily investor sentiments. First, Arbor’s Chatter blog features a special report on COVID-19’s effect on the U.S. economy and job market, including model forecasts by Chandan Economics. Next, NMHC offers recommendations and talking points for multifamily property owners on how to speak with residents about rent obligations during this uncertain time. Multi-Housing News takes a look at how multifamily investors see the coronavirus’ impact, with many feeling that pent-up apartment demand will position the sector to recovery more quickly. Then, RealPage lists best practices for pricing apartments in a downturn, taking lessons from previous events like the Great Recession. Finally, GlobeSt analyzes the trend of declining homeownership, noting that millennials aren’t the only generation preferring to rent. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Special Report

Arbor Chatter – March 27

“The coronavirus has sent shock waves through the global economy. With uncertainty rising, investors have quickly piled into safe-haven assets. Multifamily will also see its turbulence, but it is well positioned to weather the storm.”

Communicating with Residents Regarding Rent Flexibility and Rent Obligations

NMHC – March 26

“NMHC has developed talking points that property owners and managers can use to help guide discussions or communications with residents who have been impacted.”

Multifamily Investors Expect Modest Impact from Virus

Multi-Housing News – March 25

“Newly formed households continue their propensity to rent and with this high level of economic uncertainty, any newly formed households will most likely opt for the safety of renting.”

Ten Best Practices for Pricing Apartments in a Downturn

RealPage – March 25

“Pricing is one of many levers you can pull out of toolbox that also includes marketing, screening and workforce optimization.”

Homeownership Has Been Declining for Generations – March 27

“The trend shows that each generation has a unique relationship with purchasing a home, seeing a shrinking relationship between wealth and homeownership.”