This week our review of industry news looks at the multifamily market including leasing, financing and construction. In an episode on “The Urban Lab” podcast, I had the opportunity to share thoughts with economist Sam Chandan on the outlook for multifamily. Next, RealPage analyzes the uptick in May lease signings. In the third article, Multi-Housing News assesses the results of a J Turner Research rent collection survey, which points to positive results for June payments. Arbor’s Chatter blog covers an IMN webinar on how the coronavirus is affecting financing in the build-to-rent space. Finally, NREI reports on construction of affordable housing, as developers and investors move forward, while navigating the challenges the virus presents. 

Podcast: The Strength of Multifamily Despite COVID-19

Arbor Chatter – June 1

“Arbor Realty Trust Chairman and CEO Ivan Kaufman shares his multifamily insights, as the featured speaker on The Urban Lab. The podcast is hosted by Sam Chandan, the Silverstein chair at NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate.”

 Apartment New Lease Signings Surge in Late May

RealPage – June 4

“In the last seven days of May alone, lease signings came in 19.4% higher than the same time period last year. That followed an increase of 7.4% in the prior week.”

Rent Collection Survey Predicts Increase in June Payments

Multi-Housing News – June 4

“A new national survey of multifamily residents predicts rent collection of 84.3 percent by June 10, up about 5 percent from the same time in May.”

What COVID-19 Means for Build-to-Rent Financing

Arbor Chatter – June 4

“The COVID-19 crisis will increase build-to-rent opportunities.”

Affordable Housing Developers Remain Eager to Build New Projects

NREI – June 4

“Affordable housing projects continued to move forward in many areas in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, although some obstacles have emerged.”