This week’s roundup highlights the top global real estate investors, the cities with the most expensive rents, and the most favorable markets for tech talent and employers. First, Real Capital Analytics takes a look at the investment activity of the top 50 biggest commercial real estate investors in 2019, noting that buying and selling volume was down from the previous year. Next, Bloomberg observes population trends across the U.S., particularly in states like New York and California where people are moving out due to high costs of living. Arbor’s Chatter blog analyzes the cities in which renters are paying the highest prices, with four of the top 10 most expensive metros being located in California. Then, Zillow examines why big tech companies are no longer flocking to the obvious tech hubs of San Francisco and Seattle and where they are finding better opportunities for growth. Finally, Zumper releases its January rent report, noting that while the top 10 markets saw relatively flat monthly rent growth changes, some cities saw major year-over-year changes, including Washington, D.C. and San Diego. 

Top Global Investors: Changing Appetites in 2019

Real Capital Analytics – January 9

“The biggest global commercial real estate investors were still hungry for assets in 2019, though stripping out the activity of the largest single global investor shows a more muted appetite.”

Where People Leaving New York, California and Illinois Are Going

Bloomberg – January 9

“Thanks to babies and immigrants, New York City and most of its suburbs have gained population over the past decade as the rest of the state has shrunk.”

Rents in Major California Cities Among the Highest in the U.S.

Arbor Chatter – January 8

“Four major California cities were the most expensive areas in the nation for small multifamily rentals, reflecting the state’s ongoing affordability crisis.”

Why The Most Favorable Markets for Tech Expansion Aren’t Where You Might Think

Zillow – January 8

“Markets smack in the middle of the so-called “Silicon Prairie” top the list of those that may appeal to growing tech companies, followed by markets in the Midwest and the South that have the ability to draw talent and the tech companies looking to hire them.”

Zumper National Rent Report: January 2020

Zumper – January 6

“Rent prices overall will continue to rise but at a slower rate than the last couple of years, underpinned by more and more renters settling down later in life and wanting to live a more flexible lifestyle.”