This week’s offers insights on the metros with the highest rent increases, the top-performing multifamily markets of the decade and the factors driving continued apartment demand. First, NREI takes a look at multifamily rents across the country, identifying the cities that saw the biggest rent jumps from 2010 to 2019. Next, Urban Institute examines the factors contributing to a shortage of housing supply in the U.S., included muted construction levels. Arbor’s Chatter blog reveals the top metropolitan areas for rent growth and price increases over the past decade, with both primary and secondary markets making the list. Then, RENTCafé highlights the trend of Californians moving to other states and the reasons behind their decision to relocate. Finally, The Dallas Morning News observes that 2019 was a strong year for apartment construction, with the Dallas-Fort Worth area leading the nation in building activity.

The Cities with the Greatest Rent Jumps in the Past Decade

NREI – January 30

“Major markets were well represented on the list, but there are a few surprises, including the market that had the largest percent growth in the past decade: Aurora, Colo.”

Five Facts about Our Housing Supply Explain High Rents and Home Prices

Urban Institute – January 29

“In 2018, the latest full year for which we have comprehensive data, we estimate 1.2 million new households were formed, but we produced a net of only 850,000 new housing units.”

Top U.S. Multifamily Markets of the Decade

Arbor Chatter – January 30

“Over the course of the decade, the multifamily real estate market emerged as a premier asset class. The top destinations for capital investment were among the largest markets in the county, but a closer look at the data reveals each market’s individual performance.”

The California Effect: Texas is the Top Destination State for Californians

RENTCafé – January 28

“Americans are known to be one of the most mobile nations in the world, and Californians manage to top the charts, with over 690,000 of them moving to a different state during 2018.”

With More Young Renters Than Buyers, Apartment Boom Continues

The Dallas Morning News – January 27

“Dallas-Fort Worth is the country’s top apartment building market, with more than 40,000 new rental units under construction.”