This week’s roundup reveals the top 10 most popular posts of 2019 on the Arbor Chatter blog, which included several pieces on market trends and metro-specific reports. First, the Chatter blog takes a look back at how the U.S. multifamily market performed in 2018, and why the asset class’ strong fundamentals were expected to continue through 2019. Next, the blog explores the top commercial real estate trends to watch in 2020, based on the results of the Urban Land Institute and PwC’s “Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2020®” report, which also forecasted the cities with the most potential for growth next year. Chatter then offers a piece on the single-family rental sector, noting that the property type has gained legitimacy as an asset class, and discussing the various strategies and financing options available to investors. Then, the blog analyzes how demographic changes like millennials choosing to delay marriage and older adults living longer will impact the housing industry. Finally, Chatter shares insights on the state of the U.S. economy and multifamily market as we head into 2020.

Favorable Multifamily Market Trends to Continue in 2019

“Rents increased for the third consecutive year, while vacancy rates remained low despite historically high levels of development activity. Low cap rates and rising prices didn’t restrain investment activity, which reached record-high volume levels.”

Top Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2020

“The United States is currently experiencing its longest expansion in history, leading many in the real estate industry to believe we’ll continue on the path of slow and steady growth as we head into 2020.”

Single-Family Rental Portfolio Financing Trends

“Entry-level housing has become unattainable for many. As a result, apartment renters who prefer more space are choosing to rent instead of buy single-family homes.”

Demography Set to Be the Next Disruptor for Multifamily

“Due to financial constraints or personal lifestyle choices, many Millennials don’t own a home, which has contributed to the apartment market’s stellar performance and the homeownership rate hitting historical lows during this economic cycle.”

The State of the U.S. Economy and Multifamily Market Heading into 2020

“Real estate industry players are looking at the performance of the U.S. economy and the market’s fundamentals for clues as to the longevity of the current cycle.”