This week’s multifamily roundup features insights on seasonality in the sector, where to find high-yield single-family rental opportunities, and how Millennials will transform the housing market. First, Livabl explains why the U.S. rental market is set to end the year on a positive note, with further growth expected next year. Then, Mortgage Bankers Association reports that many of the nation’s largest metros saw rent increases over the past few months, bucking the trend of rents slightly decreasing in the fall and winter. Arbor’s Chatter blog identifies the top cities for double-digit single-family rental returns based on property value and rent growth. Next, Commercial Property Executive shares the perspectives and concerns of several real estate tax experts regarding the establishment of a council to oversee implementation of the Opportunizy Zones. Finally, First American notes that while Millennails have lower homeownership than previous generations, the cohort will still fuel housing demand as they age and start families.

How U.S. Homebuyers Will Help Bolster the Rental Market in 2019

Livabl – December 13

“Favorable economic factors in 2018 and rising interest rates, which can cause delays in home-buying, helped push rental costs upwards at the year’s end.”

‘Seasonality’ in the Multifamily Market

Mortgage Bankers Association – December 7

“Rents are up year-over-year in an even greater share of the nation’s largest markets–83 of the 100 largest cities have seen rents increase over the past twelve months.”

 Hunting High-Yield SFR Markets: Where to Find Double-Digit Returns

Arbor Chatter – December 10

“Investors looking to enter the SFR space should start by looking at markets that have an appropriate combination of property value and rents to achieve their required returns, and use their skills to mitigate those risks.”

 Sizing Up the Opportunity Zone Council

Commercial Property Executive – December 13

“Multifamily and commercial real estate tax experts say they are generally pleased but express concerns about how the program will be regulated and implemented.”

How “Renter” Millennials Will Transform the Housing Market

First American – December 10

“While millennials are fueling homeownership growth, they also have lower homeownership rates compared to baby boomers and Generation X when they were under 35 years old.”